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Umpire Dress & Presentation Standards

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As WRFL Umpires, we are paid to do a job, and to do that job properly we must look and act professionally at all times. Presentation and our dress and bearing, including arriving and departing from games, is of utmost importance.

Please refer to the YouTube video when using these notes. These standards apply for all games during the entire year, but are even more important for finals. If you do not arrive in the correct attire for umpiring finals, do not expect to umpire another final.

Presentation arriving at games (and leaving)

In the first set of photos:

  • the far left and far right are both fine (the far right jacket is a WRFLUA jacket)
  • the one in the middle is no good due to the hat

In the second set of photos:

  • the two on the left are good examples
  • the one on the right is wrong due to a number of reasons:
    • Non WRFLUA/WRFL hoodie
    • Denim jeans
    • Thongs

In the final set of photos none of these is acceptable.

The left most photo:

  • Non WRFLU/WRFL hoodie
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Runners

Middle photo:

  • Denim jeans

Right most photo:

  • T-shirt
  • A slogan on the top that draws attention to yourself

On field uniform

The left most photo is what I want to see:

  • Clean, white uniform
  • Clean, mainly white runners

Middle photo issues:

  • Shirt not tucked in
  • Socks not pulled up
  • Not white runners

Right most photo:

  • Not white runners

In the next set of photos, the left and middle photos:

  • A bright shirt visible underneath the umpire shirt - this could be any type of undershirt, or a bra for females
  • Dark underwear, particularly bad when it rains!

The right most photo:

  • Necklace and rings on fingers - all jewellery, including ear rings and nose rings must be removed - they can’t be taped




Our Values

Values are important. They dictate thinking and they dictate performance and focus. In 2013 the umpiring body decided as a group what they would like their five core values to be and as an umpire, we strive to deliver on these in everything we do. Read More