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Boundary Umpiring

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For those who enjoy running or want to learn about the game, boundary umpiring is ideal. Boundary umpires are responsible for making decisions to whether the ball is in play, as well performing the boundary throw-in. VFL State League Senior Squad boundary umpires officiate in all AFL Melbourne based matches.4

Boundary umpires are some of the fittest people in our game, often fitter than many of the players. Many boundary umpires average 15 - 20km in a Division 1 game, with much of the running being long distance strides and brief bursts of high-intensity sprinting.

Boundary umpires are responsible for adjudicating whether ball is in or out of play, and also coordinating with the field and goal umpires to ensure the match is run as smoothly as possible. They are responsible for deciding whether a player enters the centre square prior to a centre bounce, and for assisting the goal umpire in making decisions about whether the ball has pass over or outside the behind post.

Boundary umpires may also assist the field umpire in reporting any player they deem to have committed an offence.

Boundary umpiring is a great entry point for umpiring and many young umpires decide to try their hand at boundary umpiring before committing to the slightly more complex pastime of field umpiring.



In 2009 the WRFL, in conjunction with the AFL, launched the very first AFL Umpires Academy, run out of Mackillop Catholic College in Werribee, Victoria. After 4 years in operations, the number of umpires coming into the system at the school has tripled, with over 100 field, boundary and goal umpires joining the umpiring ranks through this channel. Read More

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Become an Umpire

An increasing number of young people, male and female, are choosing to be part of our great game as field, boundary or goal umpires. Umpiring is exciting, fun, great for fitness, and offers the best seat in the house! Read More

Become an Umpire

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Practice Matches

18 Mar 2015

Appointments to some practice matches have been made pending availability checks. This document will be updated as changes are made, but please check your appointments and contact Rene or your coach ASAP if unavailable or if unsure of where you're supposed to be and when. Read More