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Grand Final Records

From here you can find out the history of our grand finals and grand final appointments.


2018 Div 1 GF min


Deer Park v Hoppers Crossing

Field Greg Denison Vaughan Garner Dean McGowan
Boundary Leslie Aldrich Paul Parker Abhishek Sharma Scott Vanstone
Goal Thomas Gath Adam Steger
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2017 Grand Final D1 Seniors Umpires


Deer Park v Sunshine

Field Greg Denison Adam Cosham Michael Willcox
Boundary Jarod Sutton Robert Hill Scott Vanstone Kai Abela
Goal Christine Gent Adam Steger
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WRFL 2016 D1 GF 2821


Deer Park v Hoppers Crossing

Field Shamus Dundon Ryan Webster Michael Westgarth
Boundary Kai Abela Robert Hill Riley Kane Jordan Wiltshire
Goal Trevor Budge Christine Gent
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Div 1 GF 2015


Deer Park v Werribee Districts

Field Greg Denison Adrian O'Donnell Scott Vanstone
Boundary Robert Hill Paul Parker Shaun Weise Jordan Wiltshire
Goal Paul Battaglia Brendan Moloney
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2014 GF


Deer Park v Spotswood

Field Greg Denison Brett Carter Mathew Westgarth
Boundary Lewis Spiker Steele Irish Josh McMorrow Patrick Galea
Goal Paul Battaglia Tim Moloney
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2013 GF


Deer Park v Spotswood

Field Greg Denison Adrian O'Donnell Mathew Westgarth
Boundary Josh McMorrow Bianca Michetti Lewis Spiker Anthony Laughton
Goal Paul Battaglia Tim Moloney
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2012 GF


Altona v Spotswood

Field Geoffrey Williams Adrian O'Donnell Vaughan Garner
Boundary Anthony Laughton Luke Wilke Michael Wilson
Goal Ricky Wallace Jason Nicholls
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Spotswood v Albion

Field Brett Carter Andrew Fregonese Matthew Harvey
Boundary Cameron Rycroft Baden Walsh Luke Wilke
Goal Paul Battaglia Derek Polden
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15 Mar 2015

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